Glow in the dark Masterbatch (photoluminescent masterbatch, glow in the dark plastic pellets) is specially manufactured?for injection molding,?Extrusion molding, and etc. Most of glow in the dark toy, glow in the dark sheet, glow in the dark helmet, and glow in the dark golf are made by it.

Compared with using?the glow in the dark pigment directly to make products, using the glow masterbatch will be easier and more Environmentally. You just need to mix the glow in the dark masterbatch with pure and transparent martial.

Our glow in the dark?masterbatch?and compounds utilizing a class of phosphorescent pigments which are based on strontium oxide aluminate chemistry. They are drastically different and better performing than conventional phosphorescent pigments which are either based on ZnS or on radioisotopes for their self-luminous properties.

The feature of our glow in the dark masterbatch

  • Afterglow period up to ten times longer than ZnS based phosphorescent pigments
  • Activation by a wide wavelength band (200-450 nm) but best results are obtained with an activation energy under 350 nm
  • Increase in luminescence and afterglow with?a longer?activation time
  • Excellent weather and light fastness
  • Free of hazardous substances
  • High color concentration pigment

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