Glow in the dark stone


glow in the dark stone is called: luminous cobblestone, photoluminescent cobblestone, luminescent pebble, is a man-made glowing stone, With a shape of cobblestone, spall or sand, is a kind smart artificial plastic products or silicate products, whit special luminescent pigment (glow in the dark powder) and special synthetic resin or silicate compound. When exposed to light sources, the photoluminescent pigment inside Luminous cobblestone becomes excited and glow in the dark with very stronger initially , then reducing slowly overnight. The glow is best seen in a dark area, where ambient light sources such as streetlights and moonlight are absent. for use in Concrete, Pavers and Terrazzo products as an exposed aggregate.

Glow in the dark stone?enhances safety by marking the pathway in Low Light Level conditions.

In daylight the Luminous cobblestone has an Off-white color or green,pink etc. and can be supplied in after-glow colours of Yellow-green and blue-green and sky-blue.


glow in the dark stone


  • Glowing in the dark & self-luminous in the dark
  • Various Glowing colors: yellow-green, blue-green and sky-blue etc.
  • Wonderful day time color of white, yellow, green, blue, pink etc.
  • Super long after-glow time: more than 8 hrs
  • For promotion gift Packing: Different header card or FOY bag or customized
  • Non-toxic, harmless, Free-radioactivity.
  • With European EN71 and RoHS certificate approval


  • Ganden decoration, pathway decoration, dress shop decoration
  • Rockery, Flowerpot, potted landscape,Aquarium, fishbowl, fish jar decoration
  • Pool flooring, wall decoration, ceiling park decoration etc.
Item Glowing Cobblestone Glowing Spall Glowing Sand
After-Glow Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Pink-Red, Sky-Blue, Green, Yellow, Ocean-Blue
Material Silicate, Glass, Acrylic, PS resin, glow in the dark powder.
Size 3-5cm,?Customized 1-3cm,?Customized 0.2-0.5 cm
Usage Landscaping,Paving, Paving, Building, Home Decoration, Building,?Landscaping, Home Decoration, Fish Tank
home decoration, Fish Tank
Fish Tank ?
Life-span 20 years 20 years 20 years
glow in the dark stone
glow in the dark stone

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